The big moment has arrived !

After seeing your surgeon once or twice on clear consultations which enabled you to have a good idea about the gesture considered. He explained the possible complications of the surgery.

  • Do not forget to ask for a leave of absence at work and about your gym subscription.
  • Before you leave, you will be given, of course, instructions and /or prescriptions according to your needs. (bandages, analgesics).
  • Also consider assistance at the house for the following days. Even more so if you have children.
  • Consider large clothes and shoes that are easily put on.
  • Prepare a few pillows to elevate your head when lying down and if necessary some for your knees also.
  • Prepare some light and easy to reheat meals. Chances are you won’t be feeling like cooking when you get back home.
  • Leave some water bottles within range. They will be useful when drugs taking time comes.
  • The day you check in, a shower and shampoo is desirable. For a face surgery, avoid make-up. When you check in, you will probably receive a pre-medication tablet that will relax you and help you await the surgery.

After a surgery under general anaesthesia, receiving a perfusion is a common thing. It contains the necessary solutions for the post-surgical monitoring and sedatives to improve your comfort.

Oedema, swelling, the bruises on the operated areas are often visible; they disappear in the following weeks. An analgesic prescription will be given to you before your departure, of course.

Important notes


Avoid any aspirin based drugs two (2) weeks before your surgery because they can induce bleedings.

Here a list of aspirin based drugs

Alka-Seltzer, Aancin, Antidol, Apo-Asen, Aspergum Asaphen, Asasantine, Aspirin for children, Aspirin extra strength, Bayer Aspirin, Astrin, AAS, Bufferin, Coricidin D, Coryphen 325 or 650, Darvon compound, Dristan, Entrophen 5, 10 and 15, Fiorinal, Frosst (217-222-292), Instantine, Kalmex, Midol, Nervine, Norgesic, Novasen, Percodan, Robaxisal.

It also to avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs

Celebrex, Indocid, Motrin, Naprosyn, Orudis, Vioxx, Voltaren. If in doubt, ask your doctor or your pharmacist. Some new products or other drugs not listed here can also contain aspirin. It is up to you to check if the drugs you take contain some or not.

Cease taking any anti-flu drugs before the surgery. You can however take, without risk, drugs like Atasol and Tylenol. They do not contain aspirin and therefore can be used as painkillers. If you take anti-hypertensive or hypoglycemians you must inform your doctor.

You must also avoid natural, homeopathic product, garlic or vitamins because although they are purely natural they can induce bleedings or cause recovery delays.


The toxic substances contained in tobacco have a negative impact on blood circulation. Because of these substances, small vessels can tighten and cause a loss of skin (necrosis) on the areas where the surgery was performed. These substances can also influence the closing up and healing, in addition of causing nausea when waking up, vomiting, and fits of coughing which does increase the risks of bleeding after the surgery. One strongly advises to cease smoking from two to three weeks before and for two weeks after the surgery. The nicotinic substitutes (Nicorette or others) must also be avoided during this period. They have the same harmful effect as cigarettes on blood circulation.


A mixture of alcohol and drugs can cause unforeseeable reactions. Therefore: No alcohol during the two weeks before and the two weeks after the surgery.


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