Repeated pregnancies as well as large amounts of weight loss are generally responsible for the stretching of the abdominal wall. The deep elastic fibres sometimes tear and produce stretch marks. Loose skin and slackening of the abdominal wall muscles gives the stomach a protruding appearance. Diets and exercises can’t make the flesh firmer, get rid of skin folds and flatten the belly.

The surgical operation consists in removing the loose skin and fat from the middle and lower stomach. The loosening tissues removal and the tightening of the abdominal muscle structure allows “to rejuvenate” the abdomen. By reducing the skin folds and excising the scars and stretch marks of the lower stomach, it is possible to improve the stomach appearance and figure.


A consultation is essential in order to plan the intervention. Is a liposuction necessary? What will be the scar length? Some patients may need a liposuction. It leaves no scars and recovery is faster. Your surgeon will be to able point out which procedure is best for you.


The complete procedure takes between two and three hours according to the extent of the work that is necessary. A tummy tuck or partial abdominoplasty as well as a liposuction take between one and two hours.

The incision is done from one hip to another. Another incision is made in order to release the navel. One can then tighten the weakened muscles caused by the stretching of pregnancies and remove the excess of skin. With tummy-tucks the incision is much smaller and there is no umbilical incision. With a liposuction there are no visible scars.

The surgery will result in a flatter and slender abdomen. The scars are permanent however they smooth out with time and are hidden at the bikini line.

After the surgery

A drain will be placed for a few days. It is necessary to collect serous fluids which can accumulate under the skin, Showers will be allowed immediately upon its removal. Discomfort and pain of the few following days will be well controlled with a analgesics.

In order to reduce the puffiness and the liquid accumulation, an elastic girdle must be worn during the first 4 weeks. Numbness and a diminution of skin sensitivity may appear in the lower abdomen and last several months.

Activities resuming varies from one patient to another. Generally two to four weeks are necessary before going back to work. People in good physical shape or only undergoing a liposuction recover more quickly. Soon your new figure will enchant you.


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