Breast ptosis is definable by a droopiness of the breast. The breasts are too low on the chest, giving the upper part a flattened look. A breast ptosis is often seen with patients who experience a significant weight loss while other patients just seem to naturally develop breasts that are droopy. But it is most commonly seen following pregnancies, when the breast looses its volume, that ptosis appears.

The Ptosis can also be associated to breast hypertrophy or a hypoplasia which will also be corrected at the same time. The muscular structure of the chest does not have any influence on droopy breasts and the only actual solution is surgery.

The surgery consists in remodelling the droopy chest without reducing the volume of it. This simple surgical procedure restores the curve and support that time, pregnancies or weight loss had altered. An areola size reduction is also possible.

In return, one must expect some scars in the lower part of the breasts. They will be located around and on lower part of the nipples and, if necessary, under the breasts. In fact the length and the amount of scars depend on the quantity on skin that must be cut.

The surgery

It is performed under general anaesthesia except in minor cases of ptosis where a local anaesthesia is sufficient. On average, the procedure takes 1h30.

A support bra adapted to your new chest is put in place at the end of the surgery. The scar is in the shape of an “anchor” or a reversed T, and a scar is made around the areola. However, they could differ depending on the significance of the correction of the ptosis. A scar around the areola alone is sometimes possible. A Breast implant can be inserted at the same time if volume is required or desired. A breast reduction can also be performed at the same time if a volume reduction is desired.

After surgery

The final results as for the position and the shape of the breast will be seen only a few months after the surgery. As in any surgery, the scars will reach their definite look after one year only. The pain is minimal since there are no drains, no compression bandages nor stitches to be removed.

Normal activities can quickly be resumed (1 to 2 weeks). The bra must be worn day and night during the month following the surgery. Exercises demanding strength must be avoided for at least 6 weeks following of the surgery. Sports can be enjoyed again after one month except for energetic or violent sports (tennis, foot race, climbing etc.) for which a 3 months refrain is required.

The bruises usually disappear at the end of two or three weeks. A temporary numbness of the nipples can sometimes take a few months to vanish.

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