Rhinoplasty can harmonize the nose structure with your other facial features. The surgery can remove a bump, change the shape of the bridge, reduce or increase the size of your nose for a softer look, and narrow or lift the tip of the bridge.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most meticulous surgical procedures. The trend does not lean toward streamlined or “sky slope-like” noses anymore, but toward more natural looking that will be in harmony with the other facial features. The goal of rhinoplasty is to produce a nose that appears natural and is in balance and harmony with the other facial features while respecting its structure and nature.

This surgery can sometimes performed in conjunction with a chin correction in order keep a balanced profile. This procedure can be done by the age of 16-17 years, and there is no age limits.

The surgery can be performed on the entire nose or on a single part of it: The surgeon can simply, for example, remove a bump, or redefine a precise part of the nose, he can also modify bridge to reduce the length and globally redefine it. A nose may also be too short, too wide or too curvy that a cartilage graft may be necessary to obtain well-matched proportions.

Consultation is necessary in order to study the deformations well, the motivations of the patient and to establish in perfect agreement the modifications to be made.


Infections, respiratory problems, asymmetry, irregularities, bones or cartilage, insufficient or too significant correction, hypertrophic scars, sense of smell problems, post-surgery depression. They are however rare


All of the incisions are done inside the nose except sometimes a very small incision of less than a centimetre in lower part which is almost invisible once healed. We are then talking about an opened rhinoplasty and it precisely makes it easier to control steps of the surgery and make the changes with precision. If necessary to narrow nostrils, an incision at the base of both of them is necessary.

It can be necessary, depending on the cases, to reduce the bump, break the bones, reduce the size of the cartilage on the tip of the bridge, proceed to a internal mini graft taken from parts that were removed or from the inner wall. Melting stitches are used.

The rhinoplasty is generally performed under general anaesthesia except for a tip of the nose, or a small bump correction.

The procedure takes an average of 1h to 1h30.

After surgery

Even if necessary to break the bones minimal pain should be felt afterwards. However one has to expect to have black eyes for ten days and a nose bandage for one week.


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