Not, but the price of the consultation fee will be deducted from the surgery fees.
Yes all the surgery follow-up visits are included in the fees.
Yes, it is something that should be discussed it with the surgeon though. This is a frequent practice and safe within the limits of reasonable demands.
Your surgeon should be contacted, he will advise you on where to go to seek for the proper help.
You can join your surgeon 24/24. His co-ordinates will be given to you before your departure.
All is implemented to optimise recovery and results, however some factors that are out of the surgeon’s or patient’s control, may have an effect on the final results. Results cannot be guaranteed in medicine. Fortunately we have the highest rate of satisfied customers, which we are proud of.
Our policy is to take care of the touch-ups proven necessary and reasonable at no fees. However, the patient take-over the anaesthesia and private clinic fees if applicable.


Whether for one or other of the care we provide, do not hesitate.
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